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Momentum was set up by Mike Jones, who, since the early 90’s,  has earned a reputation around the world for designing and delivering solutions that stimulate and stick. During that time he has got to know a great network of coaches, facilitators, thinking partners and all round bunch of clever, practical and lovely people.

Momentum can call on this wide array of talent, to ensure that we provide you with the most suitable people to work with.

After all, one size doesn’t fit all.



It’s hard for me to believe, but I used to be a computer programmer, and it was in this capacity that I took my first job in Training, delivering the same six week course that I had struggled with as a delegate three years earlier.

As soon as I moved into the Training Department, it became clear that  I was far more interested in people than computers, and a new career had begun. This was where I belonged…

Meet Mike


“Fast forward 30 years, hundreds of workshops, thousands of participants and over 35 countries later, and my passion for my chosen field burns as brightly as ever.

The release of my first book ‘Questions you should be asking yourself  and only you can answer’ has enabled me to incorporate so many of my memories, experiences and emotions into one place and I get as much pleasure from writing as I do from talking!


“I went to visit my Doctor last year, about a minor condition, and whilst there, he requested that he gave me a check up, in the way that middle aged men get assessed! I explained to him that I was not ill so he needn’t bother. He replied ‘you don’t have to be ill to get better’.

It’s a line that  I now use on nearly every solution that I deliver and it lies at the heart of my love of developing individuals, teams and organisations


I have been working with Mike one-on-one, and in group settings – and caught myself consistently surprised when uncovering value and opportunities in who we are and how we interact. It has been amazing how - together with Mike - we have invigorated ideas and concepts that make a difference for our businesses and ourselves.

Melanie SchultzHead of Global HR Business Partners, EMD Millipore

Mike is a great partner . His ability to create unique and meaningful programs has created valuable breakthroughs and insights which in turn have positively impacted business performance

Trish KavanaghDirector Global Learning and Development, MSD

"Mike is fun and inspiring and works tirelessly to listen and understand exactly what you want to achieve and tailors his work accordingly to give you the best outcomes."

Training Manager, Pharmaceuticals

"He is passionate, authentic, accessible, funny, inspiring and most of all, he makes an impact. Participants walk away with real knowledge they can apply immediately to enhance their own development and the development of their teams & organisations."

Management Consultant

"He acts as a trusted catalyst for team development through a combination of challenge, wit and wisdom"

HR Director, Retail

"The feedback was only positive. People were impressed what you made them achieve in the short time that we had, and by how much they learned about themselves and the team. People thought that is was great how you created the positive atmosphere for an open and honest discussion, not being too serious but still serious enough and being seen as experts"

HR Manager, Insurance

"His levels of creativity when designing solutions regularly astound me."

Director, Learning & Development

"There's only been a few people that have fundamentally changed my life, and you're one of them, and for that I will always be grateful. It has had a massive bearing on how I communicate and build relationships."

Managing Director, Design Agency