Underpinning Momentum’s approach to learning is an understanding that people are different. Self-awareness is key to personal development, and this philosophy enables us to stretch people without straining them, and to adapt our style accordingly. Whether in a one to one coaching environment, a team based workshop, or a conference for hundreds, Momentum  create an environment where individuals and teams can learn, grow, have fun, and never go back to their original shape. Our approach ensures that the learning sticks.

We make the spontaneous look well-rehearsed and the well-rehearsed look spontaneous – quite a combo don’t you think?

Momentum has nearly 30 years of experience working in the Learning and Development business, and we enjoy nothing more than putting the kettle on, rolling our sleeves up and getting to work on creating new, engaging and interactive solutions. We don’t reinvent wheels though, and draw on the past to help shape the future.  We prefer to cut your costs rather than our corners.

Above all else, we work to ensure that our solutions address your business issues, and create tangible, relevant and lasting actions. We make people think. We make people act. And, we make people smile.



Our approach to coaching is refreshing in its simplicity. Two people have a conversation with a purpose, and that purpose is agreed up front, and never lost sight of.

We might venture off topic from time to time (that’s what you do when relationships are formed, and we like to form long lasting relationships with those whom we coach), but we never lose sight of where we started and where we want to end up.

We get to know the person, and we get to know the business that person is working in. We ask great questions, and we help individuals to arrive at great answers. If we had a penny for every time someone said ‘that’s a great question’ we’d have saved a few pounds by now.

Questions and answers lead to actions. Actions lead to results. We told you it was simple.

Team Sky Development session


We like people and we tend to get on very well with most of them – well, enough for them to stick around for a while. We get people talking and our solutions ensure that not only do individuals learn from Momentum, they learn from each other, and importantly, they learn from themselves. We don’t lecture; we don’t tell. We create an environment where topics can be explored, opinions can be shared and mistakes can be made. One or two anyway.

The Insights Discovery® system of behaviour underpins much of our work in this area, and we create solutions where there is something for everyone. It’s our job to know when people are operating in their comfort zone, and when they’re not, and we help them to do the same. Whether you’re embarking on a short, sharp burst of learning, or you’re in it for the long haul, we will help to create practical, enjoyable and profound experiences that will stay in the memory, long after we have gone.

Keynote speaking


We love big groups and big groups love us. We’ve developed a skill – we make each individual in a big group feel like they are in a small group, as if we are talking to them as individuals even though they may be one of hundreds.

If you are looking for a keynote speech in the areas of people development or business improvement, to incorporate into your conference, we can help you. Or if you are looking for someone to play a more prominent role, ensuring smooth continuity, a consistent message and a dynamic edge, we can do that too.

What’s more, whether performing the role of MC, delivering a motivational presentation, or adding a fresh perspective, we will look, sound and act like we are one of your team. You just need to provide the stage.

what we do engagement


We spend time with your people, individually and collectively, creating an environment where they value their contribution, and the difference it makes to the business. We inspire them to contribute more – their thoughts, their ideas, and their passion, and enable these to permeate throughout the business.

We stimulate alignment between individual values, beliefs and purpose with those of the organisation. Then we get a big spoon, stir up all the ingredients, put in the oven for thirty minutes and enjoy the fruits of our labour! Or you do rather.

what we do organisation health checks


We work with your people and your processes alike to identify what is working well, what isn’t working well and what you should do about it.

We leave no stone unturned in providing you with a practical and action oriented assessment of where you are at as a business.

We will meet with employees at all levels, observe your teams in action, take a peek at some of your work, and review some of your documents, all in a style that isn’t snooping but working in partnership with you to make those changes that will make a difference, but you’ve probably never thought about.

what we do analysis


We love numbers nearly as much as we love people, and these two passions co-exist perfectly in the way that we measure what it is that you want to measure.

Whether it’s competency frameworks, feedback assessments, creating new values, customer satisfaction or something completely specific to you and your business, we can help you measure it in a way that is relevant, practical and more than anything else, interesting!

Once we know where you are versus where you want to be we facilitate the discussions that lead to the breakthrough thinking that move us towards the end goal.

We recognise that we don’t all see things in the same way (let’s face it, it would be pretty boring if we did) and we explore these different perceptions that exist to ensure that all can embrace the new culture.