Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

And only you can answer

Writing this book has been an amazingly cathartic exercise. For the last 12 months I’ve recalled countless experiences, encounters and emotions, and as I’ve done so I’ve been able to reflect on the eclectic mix of people that have either come and gone or entered and remained in my life. I hope that my own tales of fallibility enable you to remember your own, and the lessons that these moments have provided you with.


Over the course of this book I’m posing you 52 questions. Questions that when you read them you don’t necessarily have an immediate answer to, and if you did it wouldn’t be the ‘best’ response, probably more of a reaction. If when you read the question you think to yourself ‘that’s a great question – I wish I had a great answer’ then you’re in luck! By the time you’ve read the chapter relating to the title question and subsequently reflected on it for a while, making notes as you go, I reckon you’ll arrive at a great answer. Your answer.

An answer that provides you with clarity on what’s important, who is important and what steps you should be taking for your benefit and the benefit of those people whose opinions and lives matter to you.

The questions that you will be asked, then subsequently answer, are a wide and varied bunch. Let’s face it, you’d soon get bored if you had to answer the same question 52 times. There are questions about your relationships – those that are in good shape and those that might require a few changes. There are some that are aimed at increasing self-awareness and others focused on self-worth. There’s  a combination of those related more to your professional life compared to those that focus more on your personal life, whereas other galvanise you to look at both as you consider how you might achieve more balance, whatever balance looks like for you. this highlights a key point: for all of the questions that you are about to mull over there is no right or wrong answer.

I’ll share some of my own stories with you, not because I have the answer to the question, but because when writing this book I’ve been answering my own questions as I’ve gone along. As I’ve done this my own memories, emotions and experiences have come flooding back. I’ve smiled, I’ve laughed and I’ve shed the odd tear as I’ve captured them, reflecting on the people that have accompanied me on my adventure, many of whom I had forgotten about until they were brought back into consciousness. You’ll do the same, and you’ll be surprised what you recall. It’s been a roller coaster ride for the author I can tell you, and I want you to hop on to that very same roller coaster. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!

My Personal Paperback Coach!

This book is so beautifully written you can almost hear the talented Author, Mike, narrating every page as you go on a wonderful journey…

For Anybody who has a blank notebook and a love of personal development, this book needs to be on your bedside table ready to pick up when you start your day!

– Rochelle Wood

When you know something needs to change.

A fabulous book that is guaranteed to provoke change for the better in some aspect of your life. Full of stories and great questions, you can delve in and out of it and pick up the chapter you most need to read at that particular moment. An effortless and thought (and action) provoking read!

– Karen

A must for anyone seeking personal and professional development.

Mike has a unique coaching style – blending his insights and observations with the right level of humour and this really shines through in the book. I have taken the question per week challenge – answering 1 question per week and documenting my answers in a journal for reference. 1 question a week seems very easy to achieve but believe me these questions have you thinking!!!! And the title of the book really is true – only you can answer them. Already very early into the book I have found some easily implemented behavioural changes that I can make to enable myself to be more productive, more reflective and accountable to myself. Would recommend on a professional and personal level – a huge success!!!

– Lynn Gibson

What should you be reading more of? This.

This book contains 52 (and many more) of the most powerful questions, from a master of coaching and facilitation, to stimulate focus and commitment to your personal and professional improvement. A fantastically provocative self-development tool (1 question per week?) and a great resource for learning professionals, too.

– Mark Swatkins

This book is exactly what we all need right now.

What I love most about this book, is that I feel like I have the author, Mike Jones, sitting across from me at my kitchen table asking me really tough, insightful questions, but doing it in the most loving and humorous way. Mike writes as the perfect mix of tough coach and that caring friend who champions you to be your very best self. He does it all with great wit and humility, as he shares his own journey through answering these questions. Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself has been a powerful tool for my own reflection and growth during a really pivotal time. I highly recommend buying this book and giving yourself the gift of this journey.

– Awesome Minion